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Executive Committee

Leaders of our local Sierra Club group.

The TCSC Executive Committe meets every four to six weeks.

Each executive committee members are nominated and voted on by the current TCSC members. Executive committee members vote for officers and vacancies between annual votes by TSCS members. Each position has a term of two years. All positions are volunteer.

2018 Executive Committee

Executive Committe Members


NAME Position Email
Jacob (Jake) ZehnderExecutive Committee Chair, Political Committee ChairEmail
Leslie MaloneyExecutive Committee Vice-Chair Email
Kate ZehnderExecutive Committee Member, Conservation Chair


Chris Moore Executive Committee MemberEmail
Anita UnrathExecutive Committee MemberEmail
Bill FiskExecutive Committee MemberEmail
Amy ReameExecutive Committee Member Email
Harriet BoggiExecutive Committee Member Email
Deborah Longman MarionState Chapter Liaison Email
Julie Mallis-TurnerOutings ChairEmail
Daniel MarienSecretaryEmail
Doug SpharTreasurerEmail

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